AAA National Airport Industry Awards

While the AAA National Conference will unfortunately no longer go ahead in November as planned, we can confirm the Awards, along with your hard work and great projects, will still be acknowledged and celebrated.

Given the continued COVID case numbers, lockdowns and border closures resulting from the Delta Strain of the virus, the AAA made the regrettable decision not to hold National Conference 2021 – Ready to Reconnect in Sydney in November and this includes the awards ceremony and gala dinner.

These Awards will be presented in a virtual presentation from 4pm to 6pm AEST on Wednesday 17 November 2021. 

The Australian Airports Association (AAA) National Airport Industry Awards celebrate and honour contributions and achievements made by AAA Members over the past financial year.

The awards seek to acknowledge the organisations and individuals who have achieved excellence within Australia’s airport industry.

Participating in the Awards helps you to highlight your most outstanding qualities, largest successes and creative initiatives during the year.


2021 Award Categories

Airport of the Year Awards

  • Small Regional (non-RPT) Aerodrome of the Year
  • Small Regional (RPT) Airport of the Year
  • Large Regional Airport of the Year
  • Major Airport of the Year (not based in a capital city)
  • Metro Airport of the Year (located in the greater Metropolitan area of a capital city)
  • Capital City of the Year

Airport Excellence Awards

  • Commercial
  • Infrastructure
  • Innovation
  • Operations
  • Sustainability

Corporate Project of the Year Awards

  • Small Regional Airport/Aerodrome
  • Large Regional Airport
  • Major, Metro and Capital City Airport


2021 National Airport Industry Awards

The 2021 AAA National Airport Industry Award nominations have now closed.

For further information, please contact the AAA
T: 02 6274 3101 | E: [email protected]

Award Partnership Opportunities

The AAA offers a total of five (5) opportunities for sponsoring the awards at this exclusive online event and align yourself with those who are achieving excellence within the Australian airport industry. For further information about the opportunities available, please contact:

Erin Livingston
Senior Manager – Events and Partnerships
T: 02 6274 3101 | E: [email protected]