14 September 2017
Newcastle Airport Ready for International Take-Off

The paint is fresh, the carpet smells new and the local community is worded up.

7 September 2017
Double Airline Blow Turns into Twin Successes for Narrabri

The collapse of Brindabella Airlines in late 2013 and the similar fate suffered six months later by replacement Vincent Aviation was a double blow for the NSW regional town of Narrabri.

31 August 2017
Airport infrastructure spending boosts airline efficiency, says Melbourne CEO

AIRPORTS need to do a better job of explaining how investment in improved infrastructure helps airlines lower their operating costs, according to Melbourne Airport Chief Executive Lyell Strambi.

24 August 2017
International Traffic Keeps Airport Revenues Aloft

International traffic is offsetting a lacklustre domestic market and underpinning the credit outlook for Australian airports, according to ratings agency Moody’s Investor Services.

17 August 2017
Reducing the Impact of Disruptive Weather on Airports

Weather delays are the bane of every airport manager’s existence and by-products of nature that seem unavoidable.

10 August 2017

Interview with Mike Mrdak, Secretary of Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

The Federal Airports Corporation (FAC) would have been unable to match the level or quality of infrastructure investment ploughed into Australian airports by their private owners over the last two decades.

03 August 2017
The Future of Bitumen for Australian Airports

New aircraft, changing materials and evolving techniques are all challenges facing airport pavement engineers and Greg White is determined to ensure Australia retains the expertise to deal with them.

27 July 2017
Challenges for Australian Airport Pavement Managers

Aircraft may be the sexy icons of the aviation industry but at the end of the day they all need somewhere to land and managing that infrastructure is not without its challenges.

20 July 2017
Norris Carter’s Perspective of the Aviation Industry

Norris Carter has looked at airports from both sides of the airline equation and believes it gives him a better perspective of how the aviation partners — and occasional adversaries —interact.

13 July 2017
There is no One Size Fits all Solution to Airport Lighting

It’s in houses, cars and aircraft as well as powering torches that claim to pack enough industrial-strength punch to nail an unsuspecting possum at several hundred metres. But is LED lighting the right solution for airports?